General Admission

For free Summer for the City events, over half the venue capacity is aways available for General Admission. Just show up; no tickets needed! Entry to most performances and events is available for FREE via General Admission—first-come, first-served.

While we'll do our best to accommodate as many guests as possible, we cannot guarantee admission.

Where to line up

Damrosch Park: at 62nd Street, between Amsterdam and Columbus. Note: for many performances, the line may extend down 62nd Street, toward Amsterdam.

The Dance Floor on Josie Robertson Plaza: on Columbus Avenue at 64th Street, accessible via ramp or stairs. Note: for many performances, the line may extend down Columbus Avenue towards 62nd St.

The Underground at Jaffe Drive: on Columbus Ave at 62nd Street, via a sloped path. The accessible entrance is located via elevator on the facade of the David H. Koch Building.

Hearst Plaza: on the South side of Hearst Plaza between The Metropolitan Opera House and Barclays Grove.

The Garden at Damrosch Park: on the North side of 62nd Street, between Columbus and Amsterdam.

David Rubenstein Atrium: at the Atrium’s entrance on Broadway, between 62nd and 63rd Street.