Big Umbrella Festival

Annually each spring, Big Umbrella Festival welcomes kids, teens, and young adults for a weekend of programming, designed with and for neurodiverse audiences. Launched in 2018, the Big Umbrella Festival centers our audiences by sharing unique approaches to multi-sensory, interactive, and engaging artistic experiences. This past year's events included a collaboration with ReelAbilities Film Festival, the largest festival in the world dedicated to showcasing ground-breaking films by and about people with disabilities; a thrilling interactive dance piece with music, Playful Tiger; Motus' TREE, A World in Itself, a multi-sensory, interactive universe enveloped in soft light, music, and silence; a piano concert by award-winning artist Lachi; and Architects of Air’s Daedalum, an experiential labyrinth for guests to explore with winding tunnels and colorful domes.


Thanks to Our Supporters

Lead support for educational programming is provided by Anonymous

Support for the Big Umbrella Festival is provided by The Taft Foundation, Esme Usdan and James Snyder, and by public funds facilitated by New York City Council’s Autism Awareness Initiative