Maestro EuiJoong Yoon and The National Chorus of Korea are performing "The choral epic: Hunminjeongeum" in its U.S. premiere; a composition that reflects Korea's rich cultural history. This masterpiece, which combines elements of both Eastern and Western traditions, seamlessly blends orchestral music, traditional Korean instruments, choral arrangements, and the sounds of Korean tradition, offering a creative and fantastic harmony that embodies the essence of K-Classical music.

"Hunminjeongeum," a creative work based on Hangeul (Korean alphabet), which is evaluated as the world's most scientific alphabet and is recognized by the linguists all around the world, and Korea's great heritage. "Hunminjeongeum" will be performed at the Lincoln Center in New York on September 20th.

Euijoong Yoon, Artistic Director 

The National Chorus of Korea

Symphony Orchestra of New Jersey

Byunghee Oh, Composer

Gye Seok Tak, Scenarist

Jisun An, Dramatist & General Director

Jin Choo Kim, Baritone

Bonggeun Lee, Korean traditional Singer

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