Fusing the music making of beatbox with street dance, The Missing Element was commissioned by Works & Process to marry the cypher, widely found in rap, beatbox, and break dance, with the circular architecture of the Guggenheim. Through a pandemic induced detour, a new collaboration took inspiration from the heart of Lincoln Center, the Revson Fountain. During their Works & Process bubble residency The Missing Element collaborators made up of members of The Beatbox House including Amit Bhowmick, Chris Celiz, Neil Meadows (NaPoM), Gene Shinozaki, and Kenny Urban, and dancers including flexer Joseph Carella (Klassic), Krumper Brian (Hallow Dreamz) Henry, and breakers Graham Reese and Anthony Rodriguez (Invertebrate) created a site-specific work, embodying wind, fire, water and earth to push the boundaries of creativity to inspire the spirit and recovery of New York.

In order of appearance:
Wind—Kenny Urban and Anthony Rodriguez (Invertebrate)
Fire—Amit Bhowmick and Joseph Carella (Klassic)
Water—Chris Celiz, Gene Shinozaki, and Graham Reese
Earth—Brian (HallowDreamz) Henry and Neil Meadows (NaPoM)

The Missing Element premiered digitally on Sunday, November 1 at 7:30 pm ET on this page and Lincoln Center’s FacebookInstagram, and YouTube as well as on Works & Process at the Guggenheim’s FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

Works & Process at Lincoln Center
Works & Process at the Guggenheim and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts present four newly-commissioned video performances created during Works & Process bubble residencies at Kaatsbaan Cultural Park in rural Hudson Valley and filmed on the Lincoln Center campus. The works are co-produced by Works and Process at the Guggenheim and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and filmed by Nic Petry at Dancing Camera. When it is safe for artists and audiences to gather, these works will premiere in full form at Works & Process at the Guggenheim. Click here to learn more.