Art Class Podcast

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Welcome, classmates! Art Class is Lincoln Center’s new biweekly podcast focusing on the latest in arts education, hosted by Rocky Jones, Paige Reynolds (Iya Mabolé Inawale), and Dr. Lee Bynum, Chief Education Officer of Lincoln Center. They’re three Black, queer artists, culturistas, and arts administrators who are passionate about composing a future of artmaking and arts education that creates more joy for more people more of the time. Each episode features news, stories, and interviews that seek to amplify the voices of artists creating at the intersection of beauty and innovation in fields like dance, opera, film and TV, architecture, theater, visual arts, drag, and more. Select episodes also feature a special series entitled "Kinfolk," led by Paige, that explores the connections between the artistic and cultural traditions of peoples across the Black/African diaspora. Join us every other Tuesday for a provocative, thoughtful, and often irreverent look into the arts industry’s past, present and future.

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