Music from the Sole: Holiday Concert

Music from the Sole returns to #ConcertsForKids with a special holiday show focusing on the theme of togetherness, and the joy that comes from sharing dancing and music, or simply spending time with loved ones. Led by dancer-musician Leonardo Sandoval and bassist/composer Gregory Richardson, the performance blurs the line between tap dance show and live band concert. The show reflects choreographic and musical influences from Sandoval’s native Brazil, particularly his Afro-Latin heritage, and Richardson’s love for styles ranging from funk to house and jazz to Afro-Cuban. Featuring original choreography, jaw-dropping tap dancing, and body percussion, Music from the Sole will dazzle and delight!

About #ConcertsForKids
For family audiences, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is teaming up with a remarkable group of artists who will bring world-class performances and diverse musical perspectives straight from their homes to yours. We’re excited to share these short performances recorded by the artists themselves with your family at home.