Marcus “Quese IMC“ Frejo, a Pawnee and Seminole native, has been performing since the early 90’s. An indigenous hip hop artist and producer, he also performs tribal songs and flute. He has been featured on national tours and the hip hop show The Breakfast Club. In addition to his work as a performer and producer, Quese IMC is a public speaker and cultural activist who has spoken across the country and internationally. He has worked for grant programs on health & wellness and alcohol, drug, and suicide prevention. He also established the hashtag #pawneecamp during the Standing Rock Water is Life movement. The artist is thrilled to make his debut #ConcertsForKids performance.

About #ConcertsForKids
For family audiences, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is teaming up with a remarkable group of artists who will bring world-class performances and diverse musical perspectives straight from their homes to yours. We’re excited to share these short performances recorded by the artists themselves with your family at home.

Performance Date

Available from Wednesday, September 16 at 4:00 pm ET
Recommended for all ages

Guest Artists

DJ Reaper
Happy Frejo
Mekko Frejo-Bobo

Thanks to Our Supporters

LC Kids is presented by NewYork-Presbyterian

Lincoln Center Education’s 2019-2020 performance season is made possible in part through endowment support from the May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation and The Walt Disney Company.

Thanks to Our Supporters