For our youngest audience members, we’re teaming up with a remarkable group of artists who will bring world-class performances and diverse musical perspectives straight from their homes to yours. We're excited to share these short performances recorded by the artists themselves with your family at home. 

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Music from the Sole
Photo by Jesse Itskowitz

Dancer-musician Leonardo Sandoval and bassist-composer Gregory Richardson seamlessly melds a tap performance with a big-band concert. Learn More 

Sonia De Los Santos
Photo by Mikel Melcon

Blending old and new songs, Sonia builds bridges across cultures to inspire and excite children and grown-ups of all backgrounds. Learn More 

Zeshan B
Photo courtesy of the artist

Tempestuous soul arias, urban love dramas, Memphis blues, and civil-rights anthems are interpreted with an Indo-Pakistani feel at this memorable concert.

Learn More 

Elena Moon Park
Photo by Gala Narezo

Elena Moon Park celebrates folk and children’s music from all over East Asia, reinterpreted to mix various musical traditions, languages, styles, and stories. These tunes range from northern... Learn More