Welcome to Midsummer Night Swing 2017!

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2017 Events

Week of June 27

Tuesday, June 27

Style: Big Band Swing

Dance Instructors: Tamisha Anthony and Craig Fuchs teach Lindy Hop

DJ: Odysseus Bailer

Wednesday, June 28

Style: Salsa

Dance Instructors: Marlon “International” Mills teaches Salsa

DJ: DJ Mar Y Soul

Thursday, June 29

Style: Disco

Dance Instructors: Ron Rosario teaches Hustle

DJ: DJ Bill Coleman

Friday, June 30

Style: Ballroom

Dance Instructors: Jerry Feldman and Celia Gianfrancesco teach Foxtrot and Waltz

DJ: Gene Eagle

Saturday, July 1

Style: Jump Blues, Rhythm and Blues

Dance Instructors: John and Shoshi Krieger-Joven teach Blues Dancing

DJ: Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus

Thursday, June 29


Dance Instructors:


Week of July 4

Tuesday, July 4

Style: Classic Swing, Jazz

Dance Instructors: Lainey Silver teaches Lindy Hop

DJ: DJ Va Va Voon

Wednesday, July 5

Style: Charanga

Dance Instructors: Jimmy Anton teaches Pachanga

DJ: DJ Broadway

Thursday, July 6

Style: Big Band Swing, Big Band Blues

Dance Instructors: Heather Flock teaches Lindy Hop

DJ: DJ Tomo Tanaka


Joe Bataan

Friday, July 7

Style: Boogaloo, Latin Soul

Dance Instructors: Frankie Martinez teaches Cha Cha and Boogaloo

DJ: DJ Turmix


Nu Disco LIVE!

with performances by Body Language and French Horn Rebellion

Saturday, July 8

Style: Nu Disco

Dance Instructors: Edie Nightcrawler teaches Indie Dance

DJ: Tommie Sunshine and The Golden Pony

Thursday, June 29


Dance Instructors:


Week of July 11

Tuesday, July 11

Style: Salsa

Dance Instructors: Carlos König teaches Salsa

DJ: DJ Brian

Wednesday, July 12

Style: 1930s-40s Small Group Swing

Dance Instructors: Nathan & Gaby teach Lindy Hop

DJ: Ryan Mascaro

Thursday, July 13

Style: Tango

Dance Instructors: Pablo Pugliese and Noel Strazza teach Argentine Tango

DJ: Mark Sakowski

Friday, July 14

Style: Honky Tonk

Dance Instructors: Susanna Stein teaches Two-Step and Waltz

DJ: Meredith Ochs


Harlem Renaissance Orchestra

13th Annual Tribute to Illinois Jacquet

Saturday, July 15

Style: Big Band Swing

Dance Instructors: Margaret Batiuchok teaches Lindy Hop

DJ: Ryan Swift

Saturday, July 15


Dance Instructors: Rodney Lopez teaches Ballroom