For the 30th year running, Lincoln Center honors its employees who have consistently shown exceeding success in their positions. This year, there were three recipients of the Directors Emeriti Award, established in 1987 by the late Lawrence Wien to honor staff members who have served Lincoln Center in an extraordinary way. The recipients were celebrated at a recent all-staff ceremony.


From left to right: Steve DeStefano, Roger Sewhcomar, George Toomer, Ed Devine, Peter Flamm, and Harry Haouari

Our first award winner, George Toomer, began his career at Lincoln Center in 1986. Over the past 30 years, George has been an admired and esteemed member of our General Services department. George started in an entry-level Utility Staff position and is now Lead Utility Staffperson. He has always worked the overnight shift, serving as the key set of eyes and ears for the campus. He oversees various venues of the campus, including David Geffen Hall, Alice Tully Hall, and the Rose Building, to name a few. In addition to his regular daily duties, during our snowy days, George works diligently to ensure that our campus is clean and safe. George surpasses his call of duty, and he does so with an extremely courteous and respectful attitude. He is reliable, diligent, and cherished by all.

Our second award winner is Meghan McGill. Meghan has accomplished an enormous amount in her almost six years at Lincoln Center. Originally hired as a Performance Manager and subsequently promoted to Associate Director, Performance Services, Meghan serves as one of the key points of contact for large-scale events at Lincoln Center. Meghan ensures that all aspects of our clients' events run smoothly and efficiently. She is trustworthy and dependable. She is an excellent collaborator, leader, and held in very high regard by everyone she encounters. Meghan was unable to attend the award ceremony, but shared the following sentiment via email:

"I feel extremely privileged to work at such an amazing institution and be recognized for this award amidst so many of my fellow amazing, hard-working colleagues. Working events at our concert halls, I have the opportunity to collaborate with many other departments and interact with so many patrons to Lincoln Center.  Both groups of people truly make it a pleasure to work here. As a former musician, I am grateful to still be able to work in the arts and play an important role, from behind the scenes, of so many spectacular concerts, galas, premieres, and events. Thank you very much to the Board of Directors and a special thanks to my colleagues in Front of House."—Meghan McGill, Associate Director, Performance Services


Finally, our third award winner is Sergeant Jermaine McLean. Sergeant McLean has been with Lincoln Center for fifteen years and is a highly respected employee of the security team. He began his career at Lincoln Center as a Security Officer and was promoted to Sergeant in 2011. Throughout his tenure at Lincoln Center, Sergeant McLean has demonstrated that his quick thinking, excellent instincts, and ability to remain calm under pressure are great strengths that he has been able to deftly apply to crisis situations. In addition, Sergeant McLean always exudes a superior level of customer service. He is eager, enthusiastic, motivating, and a true team player.

From left to right: Octavio Franco, Sue Bick, Nashon DuBose, Jermaine McLean, Clarice McLean, Jervin Archibald, and Danny Mulligan

"I've been employed for 15 years with Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and I'm still amazed how working here has impacted my life, including the opportunity I've been given as a Security Sergeant to train and mentor our Security Officers. I take pride in keeping the Lincoln Center campus, employees, and patrons safe at all times. I would like to give special thanks to Chief Operating Officer Liza Parker, Chairwoman Katherine Farley, Senior Director of Security Sue Bick, Associate Director of Security Richie Green, Director of Security Daniel Mulligan, Senior Manager of Security Ellen Thornton, Chief Officer Elrige Shelton, and Chief Officer Jervin Archibald. I'm truly honored to receive the Directors Emeriti Award."—Sgt. Jermaine McLean

Congratulations to George, Meghan, and Sergeant McLean! We know they’ll continue to do great work in the future.