A Message on Our Commitment to Change

Lincoln Center affirms today and every day that Black Lives Matter.

The work to ensure that our day-to-day operations are inclusive and drive real and lasting change will be ongoing. In our 60+ year history, we have not done nearly enough.

It is part of our job now to help change the status quo. These steps are a beginning, not an end.

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts commits to:

• Telling the story of Lincoln Center from our beginning, in its truth. The displacement of Indigenous, Black, and Latinx families that took place prior to the construction of our campus is abhorrent. We may never know its full impact on those dispossessed of the land on which Lincoln Center sits. But only by acknowledging this history can we begin to confront the racism from which our institution has benefited.

• Presenting artists and points of view that better reflect the City of New York. We will do this, in part, by establishing commissioning funds specifically to center the voices of artists that have been underrepresented on our campus.

• Dismantling structures across Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts that foster inequity and replacing with practices that promote true inclusivity. This includes empowering staff to understand how to identify and constructively address racism within their job functions and department.

We will communicate consistently with you, our community, about how we're holding ourselves accountable in the coming days, months, and years.