David Perlman: Live from Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center Originals: Songwriters

23 Videos

  1. David Perlman: Live from Lincoln Center
  2. Alice Ripley: Ghost Light
  3. Justin Levine: Meet Me in the Square
  4. Victoria Huston-Elem: Verdi
  5. Jenny Barber: SVU
  6. Jeff Blumenkrantz: Holiest of Water
  7. Tyler Maynard: The Night That Lenny Kissed Me
  8. Adam Overett and Jenny Barber: Opening for a Theater
  9. Adam Gwon: Take Me to the Mitzi Newhouse
  10. Amanda Green: Five Floors Below
  11. Ryan Scott Oliver: The Pictures in His Head
  12. Bobby Steggert and Jenny Barber: Why I Like New York
  13. Michael Mitnick: New York City Ballet
  14. Joe Iconis and Family: 64
  15. Wayne and Karey Kirkpatrick: Kelli O'Hara
  16. Sally Wilfert: At the Met
  17. Jeremy Morse: On the Other Side of the Stacks
  18. Michael Winther: One Day I'll Be Singing Your Song
  19. Max Vernon: I Can’t Dance
  20. Patrick Sulken and Thomas Michael Allen: Jazz, Jazz, Jazz
  21. Cody Owen Stine and Marissa McGowan: The Fountain
  22. Patrick Sulken, Adam Kantor, and Ariane Rinehart: Chagall at War
  23. Mark Sonnenblick: Moving

Lincoln Center Originals: Songwriters

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