Jul 23

The Descendants: An African Sextet in New York

Nelson Mandela Centennial Celebration

Jazz at Lincoln Center

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With vocalist Melanie Scholtz, trumpeter Lesedi Ntsane, tenor saxophonist Yacine Boulares, pianist Aaron Rimbui, bassist Zwelakhe-Duma Bell, and drummer Kesivan Naidoo.


Nelson Mandela’s lifelong battle for freedom in South Africa had a secret weapon: music.


The Descendants: An African Sextet in New York uplifts Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola in celebration of the Nelson Mandela Centennial. The Jazz Afrika Sextet is a collective of versatile young musicians, two of whom are now based in New York, with the rest joining us from Africa. Their performance will showcase the rich history of South African jazz and folksong that has touched listeners all over the world. More than just great music, these musical traditions were significant catalysts for Mandela’s freedom and the end of Apartheid, capturing the world’s attention and adding international urgency to the cause. Join us at Dizzy’s to enjoy this unifying and irresistible music and celebrate the life, lessons, and leadership of Nelson Mandela.

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