Mar 6 – 25

Paul Taylor American Modern Dance

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Outstanding works of America’s homegrown art

PAUL TAYLOR AMERICAN MODERN DANCE returns to Lincoln Center in 2018 with a magnificent lineup of dances featuring the PAUL TAYLOR DANCE COMPANY. The Season includes 13 classics and a world premiere by Paul Taylor... a work by Lila York... and world premieres commissioned by Taylor from Doug Varone and Bryan Arias. Also performing are special guest artists Sara Mearns dancing works by Isadora Duncan, and special guest company Trisha Brown Dance Company. A special one-night-only event co-produced with the American Dance Festival, ICONS: Trisha Brown, Isadora Duncan, Paul Taylor, will take place Sunday, March 18 at 6 PM. Through our partnership with Orchestra of St. Luke's, live music will be performed at every performance.

Paul Taylor Dance Company dancers: Michael Trusnovec, Robert Kleinendorst, James Samson, Michelle Fleet, Parisa Khobdeh, Sean Mahoney, Eran Bugge, Laura Halzack, Jamie Rae Walker, Michael Apuzzo, Michael Novak, Heather McGinley, George Smallwood, Christina Lynch Markham, Madelyn Ho, Kristin Draucker, Lee Duveneck, and Alex Clayton

Trisha Brown Dance Company dancers: Cecily Campbell, Marc Crousillat, Leah Ives, Tara Lorenzen, Jamie Scott, and Sam Wentz


Wednesday, March 7, 7 PM Roses | Paul Taylor New Work* | Cloven Kingdom

GALA // Thursday, March 8, 6:30 PM Arden Court | Bryan Arias New Work* | Esplanade

Friday, March 9, 8 PM Musical Offering | Gossamer Gallants | Piazzolla Caldera

Saturday, March 10, 2 PM Arden Court | Gossamer Gallants | Esplanade

Saturday, March 10, 8 PM Roses | Doug Varone New Work* | Promethean Fire

Sunday, March 11, 2 PM Cloven Kingdom | Paul Taylor New Work* | Piazzolla Caldera

Tuesday, March 13, 7 PM Continuum | Runes | Esplanade

Wednesday, March 14, 7 PM Set and Reset | Eventide | Mercuric Tidings

Thursday, March 15, 7 PM Changes | Continuum | Cloven Kingdom

Friday, March 16, 8 PM Set and Reset | Banquet of Vultures | Promethean Fire

Saturday, March 17, 2 PM Changes | Eventide | Piazzolla Caldera

Saturday, March 17, 8 PM Musical Offering | Bryan Arias New Work* | Arden Court

Sunday, March 18, 2 PM Roses | Doug Varone New Work* | Mercuric Tidings

Sunday, March 18, 6 PM ICONS: Set and Reset | Dances of Isadora* | Esplanade

Tuesday, March 20, 7 PM Set and Reset  | Runes | Mercuric Tidings

Wednesday, March 21, 7 PM Dances of Isadora* | Bryan Arias New Work* | Piazzolla Caldera

Thursday, March 22, 7 PM Dances of Isadora* | Paul Taylor New Work* | Promethean Fire

Friday, March 23, 8 PM Doug Varone New Work* | Eventide | Cloven Kingdom

Saturday, March 24, 2 PM Changes | Continuum | Gossamer Gallants

Saturday, March 24, 8 PM Dances of Isadora* | Banquet of Vultures | Esplanade

Sunday, March 25, 2 PM Musical Offering, Runes, Mercuric Tidings * World Premiere


Photos © Paul B. Goode

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