Jan 25 – Feb 1

Focus Festival 2019: On the Air!

The Juilliard School

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A Salute to 75 Years of International Radio Commissioning

Joel Sachs, conductor New Juilliard Ensemble

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January 2019

Fri, Jan 25

7:30 pm Free

Mon, Jan 28

7:30 pm Free

Tue, Jan 29

7:30 pm Free

Wed, Jan 30

7:30 pm Free

Thu, Jan 31

7:30 pm Free

February 2019

Fri, Feb 1

7:30 pm Free

By Phone: 212.769.7406

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Playlist: Essential Charanga

Curated by Mike Mitjans, A.K.A. DJ Broadway

Everything you need to charanga yourself into oblivion

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Playlist: Global Korea

Curated by Shawn Choi

An introduction to global sounds of Korea

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