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Boro-Linc Brooklyn: La Casita


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Lincoln Center's Boro-Linc presents Baba Israel, MúsicÁr, and GRUPO REBOLU as part of its La Casita series.


An impressive lineup of artist-activists convene to explore the far-reaching social, political, and expressive powers of oral and visual tradition. Here, wordsmiths share the stage with musicians and dancers to uncover how poetry, song, movement, and storytelling can unleash personal truths, construct identity, and fundamentally alter historic narratives.




Admission is free on a first-come, first-served basis. Chairs are not provided; audiences are encouraged to bring their own blankets or chairs.


Don’t miss the Community Resource Fair starting 30 minutes before each event! Stop by to learn more about the cultural organizations and serivce providers in the neighborhood.



MC: Baba Israel

Baba Israel was raised in New York by parents who were core members of The Living Theatre. As a young artist he started exploring spoken word, hip-hop, and experimental performance at venues such as the Nuyorican Poets Café, working with artists like Akim Funk Buddha.


He began his career as an arts educator in Australia and has gone on to become a leading educator and consultant working with organizations such as Urban Word, BAM, and the University of Madison. He has also worked as a cultural ambassador with the State Department, delivering workshops and performances across South East Asia, the south Pacific, and in Gambia and Turkey.



Cape Verdean/American musical trio MúsicÁr (MusicAir) take their audience on a dynamic journey into traditional and contemporary songwriting, inviting listeners of all ages to enjoy the spirit and energy of iconic Cape Verdean rhythms alongside new songs by Rolando Semedo (Cape Verde/Lisbon) and Eleanor Dubinsky (U.S.). Beginning with a participatory excursion through Cape Verdean music led by legendary drummer/percussionist Kalu Monteiro, MúsicÁr's performance elucidates the importance of the music and dance genres funaná, morna, coladeira, and batuque in Cape Verdean culture, and how two songwriters can employ established traditions to express their unique creative voices as storytellers, oral historians, and social activists.



The Afro-Colombian musical ensemble Grupo Rebolu was created by Ronald Polo (vocalist/composer/bagpiper), Morris Canate (master folkloric percussion), and Johanna Castañeda (vocalist/musician) to promote the rich musical traditions of their ancestors: the African descendants of Colombia's Caribbean coast. Their unique reinterpretations of traditional Afro-Colombian rhythms are filled with energy and history—and lots of danceability.


The group seeks to help these folkloric traditions to continually evolve over time, incorporating the ideas of new generations of folklorists. The original compositions of Ronald Polo forge new paths for Colombian music while respectfully remaining faithful to its ancestral roots.



Generous support facilitated by The Honorable City Council Member I. Daneek Miller

Lead Corporate Support is provided by Time Warner

Additional Corporate Support is provided by DISNEY

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Center for Family Life at PS 503/506

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