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A Page of Madness

Film Society of Lincoln Center

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The Alloy Orchestra returns to the Film Society with an original, live musical accompaniment to Teinosuke Kinugasa’s masterpiece of avant-garde cinema. A Page of Madness remains one of the most famous Japanese films from the silent era, and one of the most completely visual: Kinugasa notably eschewed intertitle cards to convey his ambiguous, hallucinatory tale of a man who takes a job at an asylum to care for his suicidal inmate wife. Using a combination of nonlinear storytelling, fast cutting, perspective manipulation, and melodramatic acting, A Page of Madness is a rich, mystifying evocation of the world as viewed by the mentally ill. The Alloy’s spellbinding score—performed using found objects, homemade instruments, and electronic synthesizers—makes this cinematic event even more unmissable. New York premiere of a new digital restoration!

About the Alloy Orchestra

The Alloy Orchestra is a three-man musical ensemble (Terry Donahue, Ken Winokur, and Roger C. Miller) who write and perform live accompaniment to classic silent films. Working with an outrageous assemblage of peculiar objects, they thrash and grind soulful music from unlikely sources and have performed at prestigious film festivals and cultural centers around the world (including the Telluride Film Festival, the Louvre, and the National Gallery of Art). An unusual combination of found percussion and state-of-the-art electronics gives the Orchestra the ability to create any sound imaginable.

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