Shawn Choi is on a mission. He started the artist agency SORI to promote and support young, talented, and passionate Korean traditional musicians, including the group Black String, who will perform Thursday, January 17, at the David Rubenstein Atrium. In advance of the show, we invited Choi to share some of his recent discoveries of what he calls "global sounds of Korea."

"Madam Bbaengduk" by NST & The Soul Sauce X Kim Yulhee

"The Middle Space" by Hwang Gina

"Soorisoori Mahasoori" by Lee Narae

"Communion" by Park Jiha

"Eosa Chuldu" by 2nd Moon

"Song of Willow" by Music Group NaMu

"Indangsoo" by Songhee Pansori Lab

"So What Ongheyya!" by Goong Yechan

"Sachulga" by Ko Young Yul

"Dream like Fantasy" by CelloGayageum

"Seven Beats" by Black String

Shawn Choi is the Founding Director of SORI, a NYC–based artist agency specializing in Korean music, and is also the Director of Marketing and Community Engagement at Flushing Town Hall, one of New York City's global arts centers.