Spinning at the David Rubenstein Atrium on December 27 for a pre-New Year's Eve dance party, global sensation DJ Natasha Diggs shares some of her most celebratory tracks. Diggs appears with DProper for the free Soul in the Horn engagement at the Atrium. Click here for the songlist and see her notes below.



"Over and Over" by Sylvester

One of my all-time favorite joints. I love that the whole song already sounds like a party with the crowd cheering in the back, the hand clapping and whistles. The horns and overall instrumentation are masterful and the epic breakdowns with Sylvester's evocative vocals "You can't be nobody's lover 'til you're somebody's friend" are just so real and felt . This song will turn the heads out on a packed dance floor!

"Use Your Body & Soul" by Crown Heights Affair

Feel-good gem from Brooklyn's own Crown Heights Affair. Somewhat of a theme song for me with a message I want to convey to every crowd I have the pleasure of rockin' for. "When you listen to the music use your body and soul!"

"Brand New Love" by Grupo X

An early 2000s salsa groove. So in love with the warm sounds of the Rhodes piano and that upright bass. The sultry vocals and, of course, those smooth horns all come together to create the epitome of sexy vibes on any dance floor.

"See Line"  by Toli & the Femm Nameless

Afrobeat cover of the Nina Simone classic "See-Line Woman" courtesy of the incredible eight-woman Afrobeat band led by trombonist Toli Nameless. This was released last year on indie label Kooyman Records and goes super hard on the dance floor!


"Can't You See Me" by Roy Ayers

Roy is one of my favorite artists of all time. His output has been a huge influence in my life and music. He recently played this at our holiday rooftop party overlooking the city and I'm pretty sure everyone in attendance truly felt like they were on top of the world!


"Let's Lovedance Tonight" by Gary's Gang

What's not to love about this disco classic that gives some real shine to the horns!


"Could Heaven Ever Be Like This" by Idris Muhammad

A masterful work of art by jazz drummer Idris Muhammad. The lyrics speak for themselves: "I feel music in your eyes, rainbows in your kiss. I have never reached such highs. Could heaven ever be like this?"


"You've Got To Have Freedom" by Uptown Funk Empire

A cover of Pharoah Sanders's masterpiece, this has become a staple in my Soul in the Horn sets. The freedom in the song and instrumentation itself and, of course, the message. "You've got to have freedom, you've got to have peace and love," is so necessary, uplifting and always sets the dance floor on fire!


"It's Over" by Cameo 

I love putting a slow jam in the mix and what better way to say goodbye to 2018 then with this two-stepper by one of my favorite funk bands, New York City's own Cameo.


"Move On Up" by Curtis Mayfield

Ultimate uplifting and motivational anthem by the great Curtis Mayfield. What better way to set off the new year? "Just move on up and keep on wishin', remember your dream is your only scheme, so keep on pushin'!"


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