Founder of the world's first Mayan rap group, Guatemaya-born Doctor Nativo traces the wide-ranging influences of his music in advance of a free concert at the David Rubenstein Atrium on September 13.

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"El Yerberito Moderno" by Celia Cruz
This journey begins in my hometown, Xela, Guatemaya. "El Yerberito" is one of my earliest musical memories from the Queen, Celia Cruz, my dad's favorite.

"Oye Como Va" by Carlos Santana
Santana was the first artist to light up my curiosity about mixing genres, in this case rock and Latin music. The result—a perfect blend of two distinct cultures.

"Get Up, Stand Up" by Bob Marley and The Wailers
Bob Marley is definitely one of my biggest influences of all time. I fell in love with reggae through his music and his powerful message.

"La Pava Congona" by Andres Landero
The first time I heard this rhythm came from the Cumbia King, Andres Landero. The cadence and simplicity of this rhythm can move people regardless of where they come from.

"La Rebelion" by Joe Arroyo
I grew up listening to salsa and all the Cuban genres, but when I heard this Colombian anthem, "La Rebelion," it blew my mind how conscientious lyrics can be applied to any rhythm.

"Riders on the Storm" by The Doors
The first time I saw an electric guitar was through my friend, Juanmi, when I was only 12 years old. We skipped school and went to his house so he could show me his new guitar. In that moment, I knew I wanted to be a musician.

"Vedic Chanting – One" by Ravi Shankar
I left home when I was 15 and told my mother that I would be going to Europe for a two-month vacation. But I returned 2.5 years later after having gone through a life-changing spiritual experience while traveling through Rajasthan, India.

"Gente Que No" by Todos Tus Muertos
In the early '90s, a new genre was born, "El Mestizaje," blending Andino with reggae or rock with hip-hop and more. At this point, all the rules were broken, no more musical taboos existed.

"Sr. Cobranza" by Bersuit Vergarabat
Bersuit taught me to speak the truth without fear about the injustice and corruption of governments around the world. This influence is notable and continues to play a key role in my songwriting today.

"El Retorno de los Chúntaros" by El Gran Silencio
When people hear my music, they often wonder: What genre is this? What do we call it? It's as simple and complex as el chúntarismo: the urge of youth to be different.

"En Honor a la Verdad" by Vico C
It's impossible to talk about Latin hip-hop without mentioning the pioneer, Vico C. Through his lyrics and wicked style, he opened the doors for a whole generation of new Hispanic hip-hop artists.

"Wátina" by Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective
I discovered the legendary Garifuna musician Andy Palacio when I joined the Stonetree Records family in 2013. His music and activism resonated with me and my own life experiences—in my case, experiencing discrimination because of my appearance and seeking acceptance within my community in Guatemaya.

"BANGAH (Pico y Palo)" by ÌFÉ
One of my most recent discoveries is the extraordinary Puerto Rican project, ÌFÉ. Blending Afro-Cuban rhythms with electronic sounds and dancehall vibes inspires me to continue evolving in my infinite quest for new musical experiences.